Odessa, MN Get Cash In Hand For Your Junk Car

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Odessa, Mn Get Cash In 3 Easy Steps:

1.)     Call Us at (763) 267-8482 for a free quote.

2.)    Schedule a convenient time for us to pick up your junk car or truck.

3.)    Get cash in your pocket, no waiting, no negotiating, no fuss.

Cash in your junk car today! Call us at (763) 267-8482 for your free quote.

We live for the big smile on your face as we pay you cash out right for that recyclable junk car. Just call us today and see how much you can get for that car just sitting there.

Operating in all 13 counties of the Minneapolis/St. Paul Twin Cities Area, we can pick up the same day you call, and leave you counting cash as we drive off with your eye sore of a vehicle.